Global gender resources

The BRIDGE site is now using the OKhub to combine content from two partners’ sites to create a richer set of content in three different languages.

Its Global Resources Database library contains over 3,000 specially selected gender documents picked from over 1,500 sources. Each resource has been summarised providing a brief overview, key findings and recommendations, to help you save time deciding which resources you really want to read.

In technical terms, the search uses an integrated Solr search, indexing content from IDS information management systems augmented by gender-related content from the OKhub. The open data XML feed from the hub is transformed using a stylesheet, allowing for the rapid import of content. Imports happen on a nightly basis.

Bringing together content from multiple languages is less common in the development sector and can lead to knowledge being siloed – this work aims to break down the barriers. It is hoped that the content may be further shared with other global repositories and services and a concept note has been developed to take the project forward. If you are interested in this work, contact Paola Brambilla

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