Learning Papers

A key aim of the Open Knowledge Hub project is to learn from the experience of partners in developing and advocating for the use of Open Knowledge approaches in the different contexts in which we all work. To capture this learning IDS and our partners are developing a number of learning papers that will be made available below:

Making the ‘Evolutionary Leap’: Using Open Knowledge Approaches to Improve Development Outcomes


The starting point of the Open Knowledge Hub project was our belief that the adoption of so-called ‘Open Knowledge’ approaches had the potential to improve the impact of research evidence on development outcomes and address inequalities in the visibility, accessibility and uptake of diverse knowledge about development.

This paper describes what we learned about the drivers and motivations for knowledge organisations to engage with Open Knowledge approaches. It also addresses the issues and barriers to engagement that, we have argued, threaten to undermine these potential benefits. The paper looks at both direct learning from the project and external research evidence accumulated during our work.




Introducing Open Knowledge as an approach to knowledge sharing in global development

GOKH%20Open%20Knowledge%20Final_pdfSimon Colmer and Alan Stanley provide a brief overview of the key Open Knowledge definitions and concepts as they relate to the application of Open Knowledge approaches in knowledge sharing for global development.






Licensing Open Content

GOKH Licensing Final.pdfRachel Playforth gives a brief general introduction to the Open Licensing of content with a particular focus on the licensing of bibliographic information (metadata) about research publications. The paper highlights the use of the Creative Commons suite of licenses as the most widely used and understood standard for licensing open content.





Stories of Change

GOKH%20Stories%20of%20Change%20FINAL_pdfHelen Bailey introduces stories of change as a tool for communicating progress and the value of a given project in an interesting and accessible way. It has been developed as part of the Global open Knowledge Hub (GOKH) however the lessons can be translated to a wide range of programmes.





Introduction to…. How to run an open licensing workshop?

openlicensingworkshoppaperThe purpose of this paper is to provide brief guidelines on delivering a workshop to support the agreement and adoption of Open Access approaches, and particularly the use of Creative Commons, for licensing digital content. It is based on our experience in conducting a similar workshop, jointly organized by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) held over two days in Mumbai between March 12 and 13, 2015.