Stories of Change

For the Global Open Knowledge Hub (GOKH) project, ‘impact’ is defined as ‘evidence-informed policy making and practice by development actors which will ultimately contribute to improvements in the lives of poor people’. To achieve this, GOKH aims to make research content open and available via the hub, which in turn makes it easier for knowledge intermediaries to provide access to that content in ways which are valued and used by policy makers and practitioners. Changes in the preferences of individual actors (ways of doing / thinking / presenting) or in the framing of issues by organisations, may be the beginning of a movement along a ‘pathway’ towards impact level results – even if impact level results cannot be measured.

We are therefore collecting stories of change which document movement towards impact level results from the perspectives of GOKH partners. These stories capture unique viewpoints from across the world and from a range of organisations, each with a different story to tell about how GOKH has influenced their work.