The Open Knowledge Hub is an Open Data platform for sharing and downloading digital content about development. The hub is different from other Open Data initiatives. Existing digital divides could be recreated in an Open Data environment so a key aspect of the Hub’s design is to raise the profile of diverse perspectives on development, paying particular attention to content from the South.

The Open Knowledge Hub can be linked to other Open Knowledge initiatives and its aim is to improve the supply and accessibility of content that supports evidence-informed policy making and practice by development actors. The Hub has been developed in collaboration with a range of organisations based in developing countries. It is anticipated that through peer support and shared learning, IDS and its partners will increase their capacity to engage and innovate with Open Data and Open Content.

What is it?

The Open Knowledge Hub is primarily a database of open-licensed metadata (bibliographic data and links) about research documents, organisations, and other materials. For example, the content Eldis is contributing includes the titles, URLs, abstracts, keywords, etc, of the research publications that it summarises on its website.

Libraries could contribute their catalogue records about journal articles that are available online. Contributors will be asked to ensure their metadata meets minimum quality and format standards; is lawful and respectful to others.

The Open Knowledge Hub is not a website or a portal, like Eldis, or a search engine, like Google, but it is a free online service for people who want to share and access Open Content about development. It supports knowledge producers and intermediaries, particularly those in developing countries, to improve the availability and accessibility of development research by developing a new open and collaborative “Hub” for the sharing of development knowledge, building on emerging approaches from the Open Access and Open Data movements.

For more information about the Hub please see our at a glance guide.