How can I use OKhub content?

The methods and tools for using  Open Knowledge Hub content depend of who you are and the skills you have. We have developed some tools and services to provide a number of different points of access.

Anyone can access the content through an Open API (a simple technology that acts as an “access key”). You can then use a range of simple tools that we have developed, or develop your own, to present any of the content on your own websites and tailor it to your own audiences and contexts. We aim to develop tools which also “expose” or export content from existing systems to contribute to the Hub. We also plan to add Hub content to a Linked Open Data platform, to make the content available on the Semantic Web.

CMS Tools

Based on the success of the plugins created for the IDS Open API, the Hub project team are developing plugins for popular content management system (CMS) platforms including: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. A number of development organisations use these systems and so these tools should be beneficial to a large number of potential consumers of Hub content.

The “importer” tools allow website owners to select and access content from the Open Knowledge Hub to use within their website, with an easy-to-use interface that updates new content automatically.

The “exposer” tools allow website owners to select and expose content from their own websites for contribution to the Open Knowledge Hub.

Linked Open Data

Linked Development is a Linked Open Data (LOD) system which provides open access to a number of data sets which currently includes data from Eldis.

Linked Open Data are assigned unique references or identifiers. When different datasets use shared identifiers to represent items and properties, as they do in the Linked Development platform, then it becomes easier to combine datasets from difference sources and make them accessible in a machine readable format.

All data from the Open Knowledge Hub will be also be made accessible as Linked Open Data through the Linked Development platform.