The Global Open Knowledge Hub (GOKH) is a technical, content driven programme aimed to develop new technical infrastructures and standards that supports increased access and availability of research knowledge.

Central to the project is the Open Knowledge Hub (OKhub), an Open Data platform for sharing and downloading digital content about development. The following diagram illustrates the OKhub workflow.

Sourcing content for Eldis

In addition to contributing Eldis content to the OKhub, Eldis also receives content from the Hub. Eldis is an online information ...

Global gender resources

The BRIDGE site is now using the OKhub to combine content from two partners' sites to create a richer set ...

Gender Hub data integration

OKhub content is also integrated into host databases such as the Gender Hub. The Gender Hub is a multi-faceted online resource that strengthens ...

Use of the OKhub widget

The OKhub Web Widget allows you to create content relevant to your users and embed it in your website with ...

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